FoPGM/HR/2021-2022/ 3821                                                                                    27 August 2021


The Faculty of Postgraduate Medicine (FoPGM), KGUMSB is pleased to notify the shortlisted applicants for the post of Research Assistant as per Vacancy Announcement letter no. KGUMSB/HR-11/2020-2021/2594 dated 16 August 2021 for the selection interview as follows:

Sl. No.NameCID NumberRemarks
1Ms. Kinley Lhamo11512003046Shortlisted
2Dr. Jeewanath Lamichaney11308006145Shortlisted
3Dr. SonamYueden Geltsen11410003443Shortlisted
4Ms. Chimi Denka11504002747Shortlisted
5Mr. Wangchuk Dendup Dorji10703002247Shortlisted
6Dr. Tenzin Geley Chophel12003000417Not Shortlisted
7Ms. Namgay Zam11001000950Shortlisted
8Dr. Kinley Chhenzom11410003309Shortlisted


  1. The selection interview for the above shortlisted applicants is scheduled as follows;

Date: 30 August 2021

Time: 2 PM

Venue: Boardroom, KGUMSB building (Level 2)

2. The shortlisted applicants should report to venue with the original documents, for the purpose of verification by 1:30 pm on the day of selection interview.

For any further queries, contact Mr. Tshering Choeda- Sr. Program Officer @ 02-328999; 02-328990, during office hours.


Prof. Dr. (Col) Tashi Tenzin, MD