FoPGM/HR/Project/2021-2022/3828                                                               30 August 2021


The Faculty of Postgraduate Medicine (FoPGM), KGUMSB is pleased to announce the result for the selection interview held on 30 August 2021 for the post of Research Assistant as given below:

Sl. No.NameCID No.Total Score (100%)Remarks
 1Ms. Kinley Lhamo1151200304670.25 
 2Dr. Jeewanath Lamichaney1130800614570.50 
 3Dr. Sonam Yueden Geltsen1141000344364.25 
 4Ms. Chimi Denka1150400274772.88Selected
 5Mr. Wangchuk Dendup Dorji10703002247Absent
 6Ms. Namgay Zam11001000950Absent
Dr. Kinley Chhenzom1141000330967.38


  1. The candidates will have 5 days period with effect from the date of notification of the result for appeals related to the selection interview.
  2. The selected candidate is required to report to the Dean’s Office, FoPGM – KGUMSB on 6 September 2021, 9 AM for appointment process and further directives.
  3. If the selected candidate fails to join on the mentioned date (6 September 2021), the post will be awarded to the next highest candidate.


Prof. Dr. (Col) Tashi Tenzin, MD