FoPGM/HR/2022-23/4277                                                                                      July 13, 2022


The Faculty of Postgraduate Medicine, KGUMSB is pleased to notify the shortlisted applicants for the post of core and adjunct faculty as per the Vacancy Announcement ref. no. KGUMSB/HR/11/2021-2022/404 dated May 20, 2022. However, we regret to inform that some of the candidates are not shortlisted due to non-fulfilment of required criteria and no vacany.

Sl. NoNameDepartmentRemarks
 1Dr. Sonam TsheringGeneral SurgeryShortlisted
 2Dr. Prabhat PradhanGeneral SurgeryNot shortlisted
 3Dr. Ugyen ChodenInternal MedicineShortlisted
 4Dr. Sonam ZangmoInternal MedicineShortlisted
 5Dr. Lhacha WangdiOphthalmologyShortlisted
 6Dr. Phuntsho DorjiOphthalmologyShortlisted
 7Dr. Gem DorjieeOrthopedic SurgeryShortlisted
 8Dr. Kalpana ChhetriPediatricsShortlisted
 9Dr. Sonam JamtshoGeneral SurgeryShortlisted
 10Dr. LethoOrthopedic SurgeryNot shortlisted


  1. The selection interview for the shortlisted candidates is scheduled on July 18, 2022 (Monday) at 11.00 AM, Dean’s Office.
  2. The position shall be fixed as per the COS-2018 and ToR for Designation of Core and Adjunct faculty members.

For any queries, contact ADM/HR Officer, FoPGM at 00975-2-328900, Ext: 2079 during office hours.


Dr. Guru P Dhakal, MD