Call for Application to participate in the 6th Batch of Regional Course on Good Clinical Laboratory Practice (GCLP),Thimphu Bhutan, November 5-7, 2019

Deadline of scholarship application: October 10, 2019


Good Clinical Laboratory Practice (GCLP) is a guideline in using laboratory samples for clinical studies. For some years, it has been internationally recognized that clinical laboratories processing specimens from clinical trials require an appropriate set of standards to guide good practices.

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) is not designed for laboratories and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) focuses only on pre-clinical analyses and not on human samples from clinical trials. Therefore the British Association of Research Quality Assurance (BARQA) suggested in 2003 a guideline to close the gap. It was agreed that GCLP would be a valuable tool for improving and assuring quality laboratory practice in clinical trials. It was recognized that the GCLP Guidelines were not widely available, and it was recommended that WHO/TDR publish the guidelines on its website as the standard for laboratories undertaking samples from TDR-supported clinical trials. The TDR Diagnostics Evaluation Expert Panel (DEEP) has since recommended GCLP as the standard for clinical laboratories involved in the evaluation of diagnostics for infectious diseases. The spirit of this course is to disseminate and share the experience and knowledge on GCLP particularly in developing countries with its limitation in lab facilities.


Faculty of Post Graduate Medicine, Khesar Gyalpo University of Medical Sciences of Bhutan in collaboration with Center for Tropical Medicine (CTM), Faculty of Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing, Universitas Gadjah Mada with support from WHO-TDR would like to announce for the applicants for 6th Regional course on GCLP in Thimphu Bhutan from 5th -7th November 2019.


Following a brief introduction which provides an overview of the course, the training will be delivered through lectures, discussion, laboratory visit and problem analysis which focuses on a series of modules:

  • Personnel and Organization
  • Facilities, Equipment and Supplies
  • Sample Collection and Management
  • Standard Operational Procedures
  • Documents
  • Data Recording and Reporting
  • Method Validation
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Laboratory Assessment


Target participants are those who are involved in research/clinical research with laboratory practices such as principle investigators, researchers, laboratory managers, etc.


Dr Elsa Herdiana

Dr. Herdiana is a parasitologist with vast experience of laboratory based researches. Her main research focus particularly on Neglected Infectious Diseases and Malaria. 

Dra. Dewajani Purnomosari

Dra. Dewajani is a researcher who works closely in Histology and biology cell laboratory. She has experience on how to maintain quality of the laboratory research.

Prof Ritu Amatya

Professor is currently working as the Head of Department of Microbiology at NMCTH, Nepal. She is involved in diagnostic service, academics research and infection control.


Scholarships are available for 7 successful international applicants.

Sponsorship covers course fee (all inclusive), ticket (economic fare shortest route), lump sum and accommodation

Eligibility for the Scholarship

  1. Only applicants from countries of South-East Asia region(SEAR) are eligible (Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, etc.) but national participants are not eligible.
  2. Those who have been involved in research/clinical research with laboratory practices as principal investigators, researchers, laboratory managers, etc.
  3. Applicants must be in the group of 2-3 people per institution
  4. The scholarship is aimed at institutions willing to develop GCLP training in their country with support from CTM FM UGM (2 countries) by giving a letter of willingness


This 6th Batch of Regional GCLP Course is designed as a 3 day intensive program with a maximum of 25 participants.

Course fee per person and deadline:

  1. Sponsorship: latest by 5 PM BST, October 10, 2019: FREE (please see Eligibility for the Scholarship)
  2. Non-Sponsorship: latest by 5 PM BST, October 13 2019: (US$ 400)*

For those who are registered in a group of minimum 2 persons will get 5% discount of course fee.

* ticket, accommodation and lump sum are not included

* Non-scholarship is prioritized in institutions (3-4/group/institution) to develop GCLP training at their respective institutions

Application Requirement: Application form (can be downloaded on our website), CVmotivational letterrecommendation letter, and copy of passport (international participants)For scholarship, applicants must complete and send the documents by email in PDF form to latest by October 10, 2019,5 PM Bhutan Standard Time (BST). For non scholarship (international participants) the deadline is October 13, 2019, 5 PM BST; national participants – October 27, 2019,5 PM BST)

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